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Arcus Bow S-Series Bows (Violin)


Arcus Bow S-Series Bows (Violin)

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Please contact us if you wish to discuss these bows or anything else. 
Our email is and phone number is (404) 828-0136. 

Arcus bows are, beyond a doubt, the best carbon-graphite bows available. The higher-end Arcus bows are also the best bows; period! (i.e. better than ANY Pernambuco bow)

From world renowned soloists to advancing students, Arcus bows are in the hands of thousands of musicians around the world. Musicians, many of whom would never again wish to be without their Arcus bow.

Why? Because it makes playing so much more enjoyable. For many players discovering the possibilities of these unique bows turned out to be quite an adventure. Initially they struggled to overcome long held prejudices, but almost all of them have retired their wooden bows for good.

Musicians and instruments are quite individual. To be able to offer the ideal bow for every player, Arcus developed a wide range of bows with significant differences in their handling and in their sound.

There is a lot to know before deciding on an Arcus bow to purchase. You probably want a lot of information before paying from about $1,100 to $10,000 for a bow. See the links below.

Click here for more information... [link to the Arcus website]

Download ARCUS Brochure (pdf)


Arcus S-Series Carbon-Graphite Bows ($1,159 to $8,000)

The Arcus S-Series bows are the lightest and strongest violin bows (48 grams). Their sound is big, brilliant, powerful and round, but more bright than warm. They are the perfect choice for most soloists and also great for jazz and rock. Some fiddlers, especially Bluegrass players, will prefer the S-series bows.

The S-bows are a great match for all especially dark sounding instruments when more brilliance is desired. They are available with round sticks that play more steadily and feel very stable, and octagonal sticks that play in a manner that could be described as more agile and lively. For many years the S-series bows have been Arcus’s bestsellers. You will find them in the great orchestras around the world.

These are really powerful and fast bows. They are not for everyone. From our experience, traditional fiddlers often do not favor bows like the S-Series, finding them somewhat unforgiving and even a bit harsh. It seems to be true that what a classical, jazz, rock or Bluegrass soloist wants from a bow and what a fiddler desires are the opposite.

Arcus S4 Violin Bow

  • Price: $1160
  • Fittings: Stainless steel (tip silver)
  • Stick: Octagonal or round
  • Weight: 48 grams
  • Frog: Snakewood

The S4 is a perfectly made bow with perfect balance, handling and performance that is normally not available in this price range. Its sound is clear and open, full and brilliant. The outfit in stainless steel is very elegant and extremely durable.

Arcus S5 Violin Bow

  • Price: $1700
  • Fittings: 935 Silver
  • Stick: Octagonal or round
  • Weight: 48 grams
  • Frog: Snakewood

The S5 offers great performance and sound in a price range where you normally find only mediocre bows. Their sound matches Pernambuco bows costing at least twice as much. Their power and speed make them very popular not only with classical players but also for jazz and folk (i.e. traditional fiddle).

Arcus S6 Violin Bow

  • Price: $2450
  • Fittings: 935 Silver
  • Stick: Octagonal or round
  • Weight: 48 grams
  • Frog: Snakewood

For many years the S6 has been Arcus’s best-selling bow. Its sound is on par with the finest and most expensive Pernambuco bows. At a very reasonable price (everything is relative!) they offer fantastic playing characteristics and comfort. This has made them extremely popular with orchestra players of all levels all around the world.

Arcus S7 Violin Bow

  • Price: $3600
  • Fittings: 935 Silver
  • Stick: Octagonal or round
  • Weight: 48 grams
  • Frog: Snakewood

The S7 outshines every Pernambuco bow with its superb overtone range, clarity and power. Besides that, it is of course also much faster and stronger. Many orchestra professionals have chosen an S7, as it is also perfectly suited for occasional solo performances and chamber music.

Arcus S8 Violin Bow

  • Price: $5600
  • Fittings: 585 Gold
  • Stick: Octagonal or round
  • Weight: 48 grams
  • Frog: Selected Snakewood

The S8 is the first bow of many concertmasters and soloists. It produces a fantastic sound that is powerful, brilliant and radiant. It plays with unsurpassed agility and elegance.

Arcus S9 Violin Bow

Price: $8000

Fittings: 585 Gold

Stick: Octagonal or round

Weight: 48 grams

Frog: Selected snakewood

This is the ultimate bow for every soloist. It opens up entirely new sounds and a new level of power in every violin that cannot be matched by any other bow.


30 Year Warranty on all Arcus bow sticks

This warranty is NOT just for the original owner. Parts (e.g. frog and components) are covered by a 2-year warranty.

Travel Internationally with Your Arcus Bow

The ever-increasing risk of having bows confiscated by Customs or other government agents overseeing import-export of products made from endangered species is becoming a big deal for musicians who travel across national borders (and even State borders within the U.S. and elsewhere). For example, if the tip of your bow is made from elephant ivory or, now, even so-called "fossil ivory" (e.g. mammoth tusk), kiss that bow goodbye if you cross any international border. Not a joke or exaggeration!

Arcus bows contain no ivory, tortoiseshell, lizard skin, or other controlled (i.e. endangered, regulated or monitored) species. You may travel internationally with your Arcus bow with no worries or hassles at Customs in any country.

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